Sicily Retreat

Early 2025

Find your true balance!

Sink into the beauty and hospitality of charming Sicily. Learn more about your true self and the balance between your feminine and masculine energy. Create a new true balance that will help you, your partner, and others around you deepen your relationships through more understanding, abundance, and transformation. 

This Retreat is for men and women; and is ideal for couples who want to deepen their relationship, as well as singles who want to know more about how to find the right balance in life.

The retreat will be held at our very own house, with a lovely big garden in beautiful Fontane Bianche. Watch our video here


You arrive on the first day at your own pace. You’ll arrive at Catania Airport and ensure you are at the house before 7 PM.

We’ll have a meet and greet and dinner together, ending with a small starting ceremony for a nice kick-off of this beautiful week of immersion and making our house a house of magic. 

After the ceremony, you will be returned to the hotel, where you can choose a lovely room for 1 or 2 people sharing.


From Sunday we’ll start the Retreat where we will give you high-standard knowledge and tools to deep dive into your true balance. We have individual programs for men, and women as well as a combined group for interaction. During the months ahead we will share more about the program.

On Wednesday we will have a “power outing” where visit a powerful energy spot on the island. 

Each day we will nurture you with beautiful Vegan/vegetarian food. Breakfast (at the hotel), lunch, and dinner are included.

Friday the 31st we will close off the Retreat with a nice ceremony. You’ll have time to explore the island a bit or treat yourself to a beautiful typical Italian dinner at one of the best Trattoria’s on the island, it’s all possible. The last hotel night is also included in the price.

Whats included

  • Stay in the hotel with breakfast for 7 nights (dates to follow)
  • Retreat from the (dates to follow) at 7 PM till the 31st at 2 PM with all the meals included at our house of magic
  • All transportation throughout the Retreat
  • 2 Vegan/vegetarian meals a day, lunch, and dinner (meat and fish are not preferred but can be provided on request)
  • Outing on Wednesday to our powerful Energy Spot.

Important things to note

During the retreat we will not drink alcohol. Coffee, tea, drinks and water are included. Also take some light clothes, one pair of good walking shoes and sportswear, for there will also be yoga and light sports included at the Retreat.

Tip: it’s possible to extend your stay with a holiday or some landing days before and after. If you would like this and you live in NL, we can put you in contact with our travel partner Monique, who can organize this including all your wishes. Please mention this in the free notes/preferences on the page where you write in.

Whats NOT included

  • Ticket from and to Catania
  • Transportation from Catania to the house on the (dates to follow)
  • Meals before (dates to follow) 7PM and after 31th 2PM
  • Transportation at the (dates to follow) 2PM to the airport


Stay using 1 single bedroom (1 person per bedroom):              € 2.997,00 Per person

Stay using 1 double bedroom (2 persons sharing bedroom*):   € 2,497,00 Per person

It’s possible to pay this in 2 installments, you can select the option in the payment link.

Option 1 per bedroom with 2 installments € 1.498,50 direct and € 1.498,50  after a month

Option 2 per bedroom with 2 installments (link) € 1.248,50 direct and € 1.248,50 after a month

*If you choose to go for a double room, but you are single, you can only be placed with someone from the same gender; so male with male or female with female. When you come as a couple or friends who want to share a room, please put this in the notes (opmerkingen) but do make a booking per person so we have all the information available.

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These crossroads led her to transform from a strait-laced career woman to a beautiful visionary with a big and open heart, who experiences a lot of joy in life.

This led to her soulmission: "To help everyone experience ultimate life happiness."

She does not share this mission alone. Procezza is made up of a fantastic team of coaches and professionals who promote this mission within our vibrant community.

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Experiencing ultimate happiness goes far beyond achieving a few goals. It is about experiencing balance and joy in all areas of life. That is why we help and inspire our members in all life themes: health, energy, self-image, finances, love relationships, social life, career, contribution, pleasure, and learning.

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